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Down from unknown Reason –MUSHBUD that had been servicing the DNM Scene since the original Silk Road, as well as SR2, Sheep, BMR, Agora & briefly at Abraxas.You can verify the PGP  (as well as read hundreds of my positive reviews) at GRAMS info Desk. Selling weed and psychedelics


Mushbud retired, as notified in his official blog and on TMG. Deep Dot Web should remove this from vendor shop`s listing.

This is very unfortunate, since MUSHBUD`s mushies were the best in the web.

Enjoy you retirement, bro!

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Very Wonderfull. Never i dont understand this world but now….Mushbud change it!!!

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Best Vendor Ever
  • Hillbilljill reviewed 2 years ago
  • last edited 2 years ago

If your looking for high quality mushrooms for a low price. Come to this guy! 40 dollars for 10 g of Penis Envy shrooms is a deal I’e never seen anywhere else. Customer service and communication is stupendous! The quality of these shrooms are matched by no other. As the markets become a battlle ground and many people are scared to order from a marketplace, fear not and order from this guy. Security of you information is much higher than any marketplace! Highly recommend!

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Ordered 30g from Mushbud and had my product 8 days later. The stealth was impeccable, your grandma could honestly open your pack and have no idea what was ordered. The mushrooms themselves are awesome, you will not be disappointed. There is a reason Mush is known as the king of DN mushrooms! A+ vendor

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MushBud Review

communication 5/5
stealth 5/5
product 5/5 very potent

Mushbud is the only seller in the DNM world that i followed outside of the regular DNM markets, the quality of his mushrooms are unlike any other, stealth is awesome, thanx MushBud you have earned a long term customer.

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Best shroom vender on the net.


Don’t base your reviews on when everything goes great. Good vendors are the ones that correct it when its messed up. Lets just say Mush is a stand up vendor and has great stuff!

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True letter of recomendation for MushBud
  • CloakedPenguin reviewed 2 years ago
  • last edited 2 years ago

10/10 – 0 complaints. Not even close.

DO IT! seriously, If you want to take magic mushrooms weather it be your first or a hundredth time tripping. you WILL NOT be disappointed.

I know I wasn’t.

MushBud has really taken my love for shrooms to a whole new level. I had never brought from the DN before speaking with MushBud and I’ll never go anywhere else.

Before purchasing my shrooms I thought I’d get in touch a few days before hand to get to know who I’m buying from and have a nice chat and so on.
Since that day on Monday 13th March 17 we have spoke daily. He helped me go through the process of purchasing bitcoin all the way through to receiving my package. The customer care from this guy is outstanding.

So anyways, I purchased a simple 10G pack which arrived within 4 business working days, amazed as this had to cross the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the UK. It was obvious as soon as he had received my order he was on the ball straight away, working to get my package sent to me.

I made a simple brew with my shrooms, a had a major feeling of enlightenment and such an uplifting bodily spirit, it felt like I was floating while being in tune with the earth and nature also higher powers of this universe, now that’s a feeling i can never forget (I seriously can not get this feeling out of my head) and this is exactly what I’ll be coming back for.

I really do recommend Mushbud for anyone, be a first time buyer or frequent user of the DN. MushBud is somebody you can not ignore.

Again – 10/10 I honestly can not falter this guy.

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12DD to Ozzy.
brilliant stealth.
havent tried it, but im sure it’ll be boss!

MUSHBUD for president!

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The product arrived in time without any problems.

Strong and potent strength. One of the most intense trip i had with this vendor product.

You wont regret each of your bucks spend on this vendor

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Best Bud on the DNM for Powerful Mush!

Best stealth I’ve ever come across. Hilarious!

Highly potent & absolutely magical. Best I’ve done.

Feel confident with this vendor! You won’t be disappointed.

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